Our Supply Management Vision

Arrowhead Products is committed to providing perfect quality and delivery to our customers. It is without question that effective supply chain management plays a fundamental role insuring our operating policies are successfully communicated, followed and sustained. This is accomplished by creating and maintaining strong business relationships with a select group of core suppliers who embrace these policies with the same degree of professional commitment, integrity and determination as we do.

Our Supply Chain Strategy

We are expected to provide the best product possible, delivered on time at a competitive price the marketplace is willing to accept for goods and services rendered. Naturally, our suppliers play an integral role in our success. The Supply Management team is committed to seeking, establishing and maintaining strong supplier relationships with those who recognize today's business challenges within a global marketplace. Our intention is to partner with suppliers who share our vision and explore every opportunity to develop and provide cost effective business solutions to our organization. This applies not only to the cost of supplied goods and services but the administrative, non-value added costs of doing business as well.

Supply Chain Selection Process

Our company procures a wide range of goods and services to support product manufacturing as well as facilities management. The nature of our business requires us to perform to the highest quality standards possible. Suppliers who support product manufacturing with goods and/or services must be able to meet the high quality and delivery standards established by our Quality Assurance team before any procurement activity is authorized. Procurements are governed by uniquely specified Quality Instructions that must be adhered to in order to achieve and/or maintain status as an "approved" supplier. All suppliers, whether they support production or facility needs, are expected to govern their business activities in a professional manner that meets or exceeds the established quality and delivery objectives expected of them.

Preferred Supplier Characteristics

Our Supply Management team strives to build solid business relationships with core suppliers who continue to demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Financially Stable and able to support flexible cash terms
  • Ethical leadership committed to conducting business in a safe, sound environment
  • Capable of conducting business in an electronic format
  • Management commitment to continuous improvement programs such as Lean and
    Six Sigma or any other initiatives aimed at eliminating waste and reducing operating or manufacturing costs
  • Understanding of the need for low cost sourcing and pursues cost containment solutions wherever possible
  • Consistently provides on-time, defect free products and services in accordance with established performance requirements
  • Committed to support all of Arrowhead Products needs when called upon
  • Demonstrated willingness to pursue alternatives aimed at reducing costs or adding value to the goods and services being supplied to Arrowhead Products

Supplier Support

Effective communication and quick access to relevant business information is key to good relationships with our suppliers. For those who currently are doing business with Arrowhead Products we have provided access to links such as: Purchase Order and Payables Status, Quality Clause Instructions, Approved Suppliers List, and Performance Scorecard to name a few.

For security reasons, as well as to insure Supplier privacy, Suppliers will are required to have a User ID and Password to access these particular data links.

Supplier Log In

If you would like to request a User ID and Password please click on the Supplier Log In link below and complete the appropriate information. (Only for Approved Suppliers)

Supplier Application

Partner Application - PDF
Supplier Login Request - Electronic

As a preferred supplier, we have provided various links below that will assist you in doing business with us.

Standard Terms and Conditions
Socio-Economic Program Requirements
Supplier Product Assurance Requirements (QCI's)
AS9102 First Article Inspection Form & AS9102 Instructions
AS9102 Dimensional Check List
AS9102 First Article Inspection Requirement
Inspection Checklist for Suppliers, Source and Receiving Inspection (ARPRO 1135 Rev NC 1/22/14)
Supplier Acknowledgement Letter

Government Contract Purchase Orders

For DFARS 252.225-7014 and DFARS 225.872-1 and any other ITAR, DFAR or FAR referenced regulations please refer to the links below for the latest version.

Government DFAR and FAR regulations

Government ITAR regulations site

Supplier Management Team

Supply Management Team Division Commodities

Pete Cozzitarto
Manager, Strategic Procurement
All Divisions Raw Materials - Sheet, Plate, Bar, Coil, Tubing, Braid, Castings and Forgings and Capital Equipment

Michelle Neptune
Senior Buyer
Space Programs Machined Components, Flanges, Drop Hammers, Tube Bends, Fasteners, Outside Processing

Jeffrey Ray, CPIM
Senior Buyer
Aerospace Metals Machined Components, Flanges, Drop Hammers, Tube Bends, Fasteners
Gregg Williams
Senior Buyer

Scott Haller
Senior Buyer
MRO Maintenance, Repair and Operating (MRO) Supplies, Chemicals, Oils, Solvents, Gases, Rental and Service Contracts

Loren Washa
Senior Buyer
Composites & Non-Metallic Fabrics, Rubber, Tapes, Adhesives, Sealants, Insulation Materials

Addis Richmond
Tooling Master Scheduler
All Divisions Production Tooling & Hardware, Supplies & Associated Raw Materials

Kathy Boyer
Metals & Composites Outside Processing